Business Plan Compilation Services are needed by the company as a guideline for management to carry out the company’s long-term work. A business plan is a strategic plan that includes the formulation of the goals and objectives to be achieved by the company within a period of 5 (five) years. For SOEs, Business Plans are mandated in Government Regulation number 12 of 1998 which is embodied by SOE Ministerial Decree number 102 of 2002. The purpose and objective of the Business Plan is to assist management in conducting studies, analysis and deepening and formulating them into a long-term corporate entity work plan , including existing subsidiary and business unit components, as a grand strategy for the next 5 years.

The Scope of the Business Plan includes:

  1. Introduction, consists of background and history of the company, company vision and mission, company goals & direction of company development.
  2. Evaluation of previous Business plans, including comparison of plans and realization, deviations that occur, implementation of strategies and policies that have been determined and the obstacles faced and efforts to solve them.
  3. The company’s current position, which contains SWOT analysis, Determination of company position, and analysis of market attractiveness and company competitiveness.
  4. The assumptions used include internal and external factors.
  5. Long-term plans that cover the company’s objectives to be achieved in the next five years, targets, strategies, work programs and the Company’s budget.
  6. Financial projections for the next five years include Projection of Profit (Loss), Balance Sheet Projections, Projections of Cash Receipts and Expenditures and Projections of Financial Ratios for the next five years.
  7. Conclusions and Recommendations.

KAP BAMS has prepared a team that is experienced in assisting SOEs and Private Sector in the preparation of effective and targeted Business Plans.